Elite 45m. Complimentary Strategy Session 

Spend 45 minutes with Certified High Performance CoachTM Christopher Payne and I will provide you with the tools, strategies, and insights to elevate you to reach those goals and become your best self.  The ultimate goal is for you to identify where you are, what is keeping you from moving forward and learning how to apply the most advanced high-performance techniques so you can elevate your performance immediately.  In this call, you will experience the power of coaching and achieve the following: 

Explore Your Goals, ambitions, and dreams.

Get Clear on what is in the way of achieving those effortlessly.

Identify The Gap between your present situation and the future you desire.  Receive the tools, strategies and resources to overcome those road blocks, close the gap and turn you’re ambitions into a reality.

We Will Discuss how I can support you in following through!  Because let’s face it, if you knew what to do, had the courage to go for it on your own you would have accomplished it already. 

Let’s Face Reality! Sometimes you can only take yourself so far but need a coach that can help you go further.  There is something holding you back and accountability that pushes you beyond where you’ve taken yourself could be the key to living the life you want.   

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✔ 45 Minute Power Session
✔ Call Recording
✔ Call Notes + Strategic Plan + Resources 

BONUS INCLUDED:  Overcome Leadership Overwhelm eBook 

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“Our challenge isn't that we can't be motivated. It's not that we aren't smart, excitable, or that we lack passion - what we don't have is the ability to sustain motivation over time.”

- Brendon Burchard.